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We Don’t Just Make Websites
We Create a Web Presence

Bizness Concepts offers affordable web design for the Independent Business Professional. We give you a corporate look without the corporate price. The average small business website costs about the $800-3500 for the first year and $400-1500 for successive years. And, if you want to do your own thing (editing, updates, etc.) we offer browser-based WordPress sites.

Larger website companies build your site, then hand it off to you to manage.  And, if that’s what you want to do, we’ll create a site that let’s you do your own thing.

Consider This

  • Do you honestly have the time it takes to run your business and manage a website?
  • To learn all the special coding needed to make it work correctly so you’re not stuck with the unhappy results of a template site?
  • Do you know how to make the META tags work effectively, assuming you can even edit the META tags with your template?

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

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    Deanna Lilly Bizness Concepts, Inc.

    Many do-it-yourselfer’s create sites that look like a circus of colors. Change the color of this header or paragraph to call attention to it, then the next because it’s more important than the last, etc., and pretty soon the visitor’s eye doesn’t know where to look next.

  • Add music that drives visitors crazy.
  • Add lots of  flash that is so much fun to do, and so distracting to visitors simply close your site and go elsewhere.
  • You can do it yourself, and wonder why your page takes so long to load.
    • Images not optimized.
    • Too many nested tables.
    • Too many graphics loaded on a page.
    • Minimal bandwith offered with your template site.
    • And many more reasons.

You can do it yourself, but you may lose out on valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that Bizness Concepts can use and save you money.

You can do it yourself, and your site is going to look like 1000’s of other sites because there are limited templates available from which to choose, or the web developer doesn’t have an experienced graphic designer to create what you need.

Lot’s of people call themselves graphic designers because they bought a program and figured out how to use some of it’s functions. Don’t be fooled. There’s more to graphic design than a program, you also need to understand how people of different age groups respond to color and style. Know your target audience.

Bizness Concepts creates a unique site just for you. We design your graphics in-house. Deanna Lilly has a background in graphic design and was winning awards for design from the age of 16, which included a two-year scholarship to Art Center College, Los Angeles while still in high school.

Bizness Concepts, Inc. is versatile enough to meet all your website design needs. We offer: Website design, PowerPoint publications, software instruction and consultation, we will give you your logo design to use on your brochures, newsletters, forms, business cards, stationary, tee-shirts, etc., as part of your website package. You won’t get that from other website companies or graphic designers without an additional charge.

Bizness Concepts, Inc. creates your website based on your needs. We do not use pre-existing templates and will endeavor to find just the right look for your business.

Visit our Customer List for samples of the websites we can create for you. If you don’t see what you want, ask.

Bizness Concepts also offers software training upon request.

Listen the a radio interview (1 hour) where Deanna talks about the various elements that make up a good website and how she works with her clients.